Edwina's approach to counselling aims to foster a safe, warm, and non-judgemental space for people to explore what might be troubling them, what might help them to know themselves, and where they might find meaning and connection in their lives. Edwina has worked in the community sector and private practice for 10 years as a community and social worker with people from all walks of life.  She has a trauma-informed, collaborative, and strengths based approach, where the participant determines and remains in control of the process at all times.  With a background in the evidence based practices of Trauma-Sensitive Yoga and mindfulness and recognition of how trauma is stored in the body, Edwina can incorporate body and breath work into counselling sessions offering the opportunity for embodied healing. 

People may seek counselling for a range of concerns such as:

- Depression & Anxiety

- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

- Complex Interpersonal Trauma

- Life direction & purpose

- Stress

- Grief & Loss

Edwina is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker and has a Medicare Provider Number.  Medicare rebates are available through Better Access to Mental Health GP referrals and bulk billing is available based on financial need.